Healthy Eating with Joie de Vivre

Smoked Mackerel Pâté

This creamy, peppery pâté is made using smoked mackerel fillets and is super quick and easy to make. It keeps well in the fridge in a jar for a few days and makes an excellent lunch dish for lockdown.

Japanese Gyoza Making with Yuki Gomi

A brilliant birthday present found me spending the day in Yuki’s Kitchen where I made gyoza 3 ways, miso aubergine and walnut and broccoli salad.

Introducing Chutney Betty

Introducing Chutney Betty

Chutney Betty is most at home creating and styling delicious healthy food and adapting recipes. A combination of lean, low fat and reduced carbohydrate meals, result in some tempting ideas with a few treats along the way. Photography, styling and menu planning also feature in Betty’s busy life!