Meet Chutney Betty

Chutney Betty is the name I have given myself for the food lifestyle I lead. Join me as I travel on a discovery of ingredients and recipes based around healthy eating and my love of all things edible.

Whether this is low fat, or a recognised diet plan such as Slimming World, the 5:2 Diet, or a reduced carbohydrate diet, I discover the best recipes and ingredients, and develop them into meal and menu plans to make your week run like clockwork.

On this website you can follow me as I discover themes on food, healthy eating, local and seasonal ingredients and suppliers through cooking and creating in my kitchen on the Essex/Suffolk border. My background is in marketing, promotions and events. I’m based in East Anglia where I live with my husband and two teenage children. I’ve always cooked, baked and created in the kitchen and I am mainly self taught.  I love to learn, and I am always on the look out for new ideas, recipes and suppliers.

You may also notice I love to plan and I love a challenge. Whether it be meals for my family and friends, suggested menus for busy lives or events and parties, I am most at home when I am organising the next event or theme. Of course food plays a large part here. I am happy to advise and suggest weekly menus using seasonal or local ingredients, or plan around food likes and dislikes. Please contact me if this is of interest to you and I would be happy to create some menu plans for you and your family.

If you have enjoyed my styling and photographs on Instagram, I am happy to help with styling for product placement or to promote what you do. Allow me to come and create wonderful scenarios to encompass your brand, personality or products.