This recipe is a firm favourite with me, and I’ve made a version of it for many years. It’s simple and delicious and can even be adapted to be virtually syn free and Slimming World friendly.
It’s great to serve as a starter with melba toast or on crostini, or why not serve small portions on fancy crackers or cucumber wafers as canapés?

Top Tips

Make this ahead and store in the fridge. It will keep for up to 3 days. I blend the lumps out of fat free cottage cheese to make it low fat, and add plenty of lemon juice and black pepper to bring the flavours out.


This recipe makes enough to serve 4 as a starter, or more if you are using it to make small canapés.
Preparation time is minimal, and it can be thrown together really quickly.


200g cream cheese (or fat free cottage cheese if you want to make the low fat/fat free version)
1 teaspoon creamed horseradish
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Freshly ground black pepper
80g smoked salmon.
Black onion seeds and fresh parsley or dill to garnish
Crackers or cucumber slices to serve


If you are using cottage cheese, blend the lumps out with the back of a spoon, or use a small blender.
Finely dice the smoked salmon in a bowl.
Stir in the cream cheese (or blended cottage cheese), horseradish, lemon juice and black pepper.
Combine well until a smooth pate is achieved.
Spread the prepared pate onto small crackers or slices of cucumber.
Garnish with black onion seeds and a small piece of fresh parsley or dill.