I am very lucky to have a group of girlfriends who love spending time together, and not a birthday goes by without us celebrating the occasion in some way. Of course, presents are a big part of the celebrations and the pressure is on to think of a gift for everyone which is special to that person.

Now this bunch of lovely ladies knows that I am passionate about food and love high quality, dare I even say slightly posh things! So when they were thinking of what to buy me this year, they hit upon the idea of a hamper from Fortnum and Mason. I know – lucky me! Imagine my immense joy when presented with a very large present, and on opening the outer box I glimpsed a flash of the beautiful blue which is their signature colour.

As I opened the parcel I couldn’t contain my joy and delight at such a carefully thought of present. I promised there and then to make this the subject for my first official blog post, so here it is!

I have had great fun photographing it (I was in Aldeburgh on the Suffolk Coast for my birthday this year), so the beach provided the ideal location for a few photos. Not only was I able to enjoy the luscious contents, I also loved taking photographs of each of the gorgeous things inside the hamper and setting up shots of afternoon tea and picnics using the hamper as a prop. I also get to use the hamper whenever I get the chance. You should have checked me out carrying it down the street in Aldeburgh on my way to the beach……I am dead chuffed with my lovely present.

The hampers which Fortnum and Mason offer, are varied and beautiful and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices. Full details can be found on their website and hampers ordered for home delivery (or to a friend as a birthday present!)

The contents of my hamper were as follows:

A half bottle of Rose Brut Champagne

A jar of strawberry conserve, made with champagne

A jar of apricot jam

A canister of Queen’s blend tea

A tin of coffee

A box of assorted chocolates with a beautiful illustration of birds inside the lid

A box of chocolate pearl biscuits

I have paired the consumable contents with some of my other lovely things, such as Pip Studio china, Emma Bridgewater napkins, a picnic rug, thermos flask and of course, some home baked fruit scones and clotted cream to go with the strawberry jam.

Thanks girls, love you all, love my special present!